Natural Gas Drilling & the importance of science to philanthropy

Grant Oliphant, President of The Heinz Endowments, discusses how philanthropy should ask important questions about how natural gas drilling is affecting our health, environment and communities, even if the answers might be inconvenient.

Interested in Some New Power Tools for Environmental Health & Justice?

HEFN's newly published paper by open data expert David Eaves explores the potential of data-sharing as a way to scale up the environmental health and justice movement.

Fifteen Forward: HEFN's 2014 Annual Meeting

HEFN will host its 2014 Annual Meeting on October 27-28 at the California Endowment's Los Angeles Conference Center in Los Angeles, CA.


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September 29, 2014, Grant Oliphant
A just-published Yale University study finding that people who live near natural gas wells suffer from higher rates of respiratory and skin ailments than people who live farther away has...
August 1, 2014, Kathy Sessions
What do people organizing for environmental justice, advocating for...
about environmental health and justice issues in communities

Who We Are

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Karla Fortunato joined HEFN's staff in 2004.  As one of HEFN's two Directors, she organizes HEFN's internal and external resources to meet the organization's mission to maximize the impact of philanthropy on environmental health and environmental justice.  Karla's day-to-day activities include...
Steering Committee Member
Philip Johnson is a senior officer with the Environment Program at The Heinz Endowments. He currently manages a grants portfolio and community initiatives that focus on environmental systems, ecology and ecosystems, public health and primary prevention, susceptible populations and vulnerable...
Steering Committee Member
Ellen Dorsey has 25 years' experience promoting international human rights, particularly economic and social rights, and advocating for environmental justice.
Steering Committee Member
Earl Lui is a program director at The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF), assigned to grantmaking related to environmental health and work and health. His responsibilities include reviewing letters of interest and grant proposals and making funding recommendations related to those health issues.
Program Manager
Ramtin Arablouei is HEFN's Program Manager. Since joining HEFN in 2007, Ramtin has done a variety of different jobs. He currently works closely with members to facilitate collaboration and learning. Ramtin is the staffer for the HEFN Fracking Working Group and the Catalyst Collaborative.
Steering Committee Member
Amy serves as the Program Officer for the Park Foundation’s Environment Program, with its grant-making focused on ensuring drinking water in the United States is clean, affordable and accessible, and is protected and managed as a public good.  The Foundation supports organizations working...
Program Assistant
Andrea Levinson joined HEFN as its Program Assistant in July of 2011. She manages HEFN’s membership program, updates and maintains the HEFN website, prepares E-newsletters, assists with meeting program development, schedules conference calls and meetings, provides research support, and performs...
Steering Committee Member
David Fukuzawa is currently the Program Director-Health with The Kresge Foundation, an independent, private grantmaking organization.
Steering Committee Member
Vanessa Daniel is Executive Director of the Groundswell Fund.  Vanessa has 18 years of experience working in social justice movements as a union and community organizer, researcher, freelance journalist, and social justice grantmaker.
Steering Committee Member
Carolyn Fine Friedman is Chair of the Fine Fund. The Fund, created in 1997, supports organizations using complementary strategies to eliminate toxic chemicals from humans and the ecosystem. The Fund gives to organizations that conduct scientific research to detect and publicize the unintended harms...
Steering Committee Member
Patricia Jenny is Vice President for Grants at The New York Community Trust, New York City’s community foundation, overseeing a $40 million annual program supporting the City’s nonprofits across 20 different issue areas.
Kathy Sessions is one of HEFN’s two Directors. In 1999 Kathy helped funders create HEFN, and she has worked to build HEFN and environmental health philanthropy ever since.

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