Funder Toolkit on Climate, Health, and Equity

Investing at the Frontlines of Climate Change: A Funder toolkit on Climate, Health and Equity
Heat waves, poor air quality, severe weather, and the spread of infectious diseases are just a few of the ways that climate change is significantly impacting individual and community health. Without increased action, climate change will continue to disrupt daily lives, devastate infrastructure, and exacerbate health disparities....

HEFN Steering Committee Welcomes and Goodbyes

Image by Athree23 from Pixabay
HEFN extends deepest thanks to Steering Committee members stepping down from service after myriad contributions to the HEFN community, and welcomes a new co-chair for 2021.

A Tribute to Jalonne White-Newsome

Pictures of Jalonne White-Newsome
Ogonnaya Dotson-Newman thanks departing HEFN Steering Committee member Jalonne White-Newsome for her leadership and service

New Report on Climate Change, Health, & Equity

Four hands of businessmen collect gear
Learn what seven funder affinity groups found when they surveyed their members and NGOs in the field—almost 200 foundations and organizations from around the country—about this rapidly growing and changing area of critical work.


Picture of Ogonnaya Dotson-Newman
April 1, 2021, Ogonnaya Dotson Newman
I met Jalonne White-Newsome over a decade ago when I was an Environmental Health Associate at WE ACT for...
Picture of Cynthia Renfro
March 3, 2021, Cynthia Renfro
We are in a new moment in philanthropy, you, me, here today in 2021. If you had asked me even five years ago if I would use polite,...
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Who We Are

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Leslie Hatfield
Steering Committee Member
Leslie is the senior partnership and outreach advisor at GRACE Communications Foundation, where she advises internally and collaborates with like-minded funders and non-government organizations on strategies, movement building, grantmaking and meeting planning.
Steering Committee Member
Jake is the Energy Program Manager at The 11th Hour Project, where he works to reduce the public health and ecological impacts of antiquated energy systems in the US. He holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master of Social Work degree from Boston College.
Steering Committee Member
The Founder of Philanthropic + Nonprofit Consulting, Anuja works with foundations, donors, affinity groups and nonprofits on a range of critical environmental, gender, racial, social justice, and cross-movement intersectional issues.
Steering Committee Member
Ogonnaya Dotson Newman is a senior program officer in the Environment program at The JPB Foundation. JPB’s mission is to advance opportunity in the US through transformational initiatives that empower those living in poverty, enrich and sustain our environment, and enable pioneering medical...
Steering Committee Member
Ellen Braff-Guajardo, based in Fresno, California, is the Director of Regional Programs at the Sierra Health Foundation.
Steering Committee Member
Jalonne White-Newsome is senior program officer at The Kresge Foundation, responsible for the Environment Program’s grant portfolio on sustainable water resources management in a changing climate. Jalonne also leads the foundation’s work addressing the intersection of climate change and public...

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