HEFN Position: 
Executive Coordinator
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Brandy Lucky joined HEFN in July 2023 as our Executive Coordinator. She comes to HEFN with vast and diverse experience organizing busy executives and teams in the retail, legal, non-profit, coaching, and contractor industries. She brings with her a service mindset, a “lifelong learning” heart, and a penchant for, (leaning towards compulsion ;), organizing chaos into cohesion. She is the only staff member on the West Coast for now, and her early mornings in support of the East Coasters are appreciated.


Brandy has a Bachelor of Arts in German and International Relations, holds a 4th degree BlackBelt in Aikido, and a BlackBelt in Kung Fu. She’s especially proud of having taught hundreds of people how to be healthier, safer, and more powerful through martial arts ideas and techniques. One of the executives Brandy worked for dubbed her as “The BlackBelt Organizer”. 


What Inspires Me Most About Environmental Health and Justice: 

EHJ activism addresses vital human needs. In my eyes, working toward meeting these needs for everyone in an equitable way is the only path toward enlightened evolution for humans; indeed the only path toward a decent future for our species at all. 

Why I Love My Job: 

I get to be a conduit of service for others, helping to weaken systemic cycles of oppression and violence, for a company that is committed to meaningful work in the world. 

When I'm Not at Work You Might Find Me: 

In the garden playing with dirt, or practicing lifting heavy things at the gym.

Contact Me When: 

You’re unsure where to begin with HEFN. I’ll get you to the right place!


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