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Learning from the Dance Floor: Building Equity + Alignment

I’ve often heard colleagues describe philanthropy as “more of an art than a science.” My first career was in the arts – modern dance – and when making a dance, two minutes of material can take two weeks to generate. Collaboration is key; the end product is a mixture of visions and vocabularies. And often a finished piece is very different, but much better than what was originally imagined.

Mercury's Toxic Legacy In Check: At Last a Treaty to Control Mercury Pollution

After over 10 years of working on mercury pollution, the Garfield Foundation celebrates the Minamata Convention on Mercury, an international treaty that will create substantial reductions in global mercury pollution. Jennie Curtis, Executive Director of the Garfield Foundation, summarizes what's in the treaty and what next steps there are for philanthropy to ensure successful implementation.

Money-in-Politics and the Environment: the Case for Collaboration

A Win for the Environment, A Win for Democracy: the Case for Collaboration is a new report from the Money in Politics Working Group of the Funders Committee for Civic Participation. Alex Russell, Director of the working group, shares highlights from the paper on existing partnerships and opportunities for collaboration between funder interests in money in politics and the environment.


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