April 2023

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I first met Kat at a meeting in Houston, TX. We sat next to each other in a session that highlighted the need for philanthropy to show up in a way that was supportive of folks fighting for their lives. I do not use this phrase lightly or as hyperbole - often when visiting places where folks are talking about their life long unfunded work to protect their communities, homes, and culture it is not an understatement when someone says they are fighting for their lives – but the dynamics of white supremacy culture and wealth inequity can impact our ability to fully empathize, resulting at times in people with more privilege failing to gully grasp and assuming a level of hyperbole. So, often when we hear it, this simple phrase is an important invitation to a funder about how to treat a potential grantee with care. During my first conversation with Kat, I learned that she had already received, internalized and RSVPed to that invitation, and I was struck by the care she used in her grantmaking with the Ceres Trust.
On a warm winter afternoon in the agricultural capital of California and some say the world, I met Jake Mogan. I was deeply impressed by the care and attentiveness that he shared in his analysis of the communities and organizations he partners with in his role at 11th Hour Project. His desire to organize philanthropy to be on the right side of history and community support is something I will always remember. During our time together on the HEFN Steering Committee, I learned a lot about his ability to make connections between the life cycle of petrochemicals and how each piece of this system gravely impacts f human health and the planet. Jake’s commitment to the Past Petro working group is something I deeply admire. He worked alongside many other HEFN “legends” to increase understanding of the issue and has continued to lead the charge in funding those impacted first and worst by environmental degradation. Jake welcomed a daughter during the pandemic and exemplified the devotion to family and self-care we should all be striving for when he stepped away from the SC for his parental leave, and then stayed true to his commitment to HEFN when came back to finish his term. I look forward to crossing paths with Jake in the future!

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