HEFN 2016 Annual Meeting

Building Power by Building Bridges:
Spanning divides to achieve environmental health & justice solutions
November 14-16, 2016
Oakland, California
Making connections across health, justice, and the environment can foster movements, expand power, and accelerate change.  But bridge-building on cross-cutting issues—from safe drinking water to climate change and from racial equity to healthy housing—is not for the faint of heart.  Just like building a bridge, making change at the intersection of issues requires long-term planning, investment, the right tools, and the right mix of people.  Bringing these elements together can build something bigger and stronger, something that takes us to a new place.
Join bridge-builders, problem-solvers, and visionaries from a diversity of sectors at the Health & Environmental Funders Network’s 2016 Annual Meeting. We’ll gather in Oakland, California, in a region connected by bridges and animated by activism and innovation to:
  • Learn how environmental health initiatives and other movements are succeeding by transcending divisions and forging strategies with new partners.
  • Be inspired by innovative local work and cross-community connections that increase local power and spread change.
  • Strategize about building power on issues like safe drinking water, fracking, climate change, and toxics. 
  • Experience new tools and technologies for working with allies in other sectors.

The annual meeting kicks off with a half-day funder focus on drinking water. Health in the Water will delve into the state of our drinking water and opportunities to improve access to healthy water for all (Monday afternoon, Nov. 14).

Come to Oakland to dive deep, problem solve, and consider new collaborations that build bridges and power for environmental health and justice.







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