HEFN 2019 Annual Meeting

Funders, donors and philanthropic advisers are invited to the 2019 HEFN Annual Meeting on Nov. 19 and 20, at the Radisson Hotel Fresno Conference Center in Fresno, California. Read the current agenda and register today.

HEFN marks its 20th anniversary as the nation is on the verge of the 2020s, with demographics shifting, an upcoming election, the climate changing, and majorities mobilizing. It’s a pivotal time to harvest the hard-won lessons of the past two decades and to build on new waves of local problem-solving. It’s time to chart what’s needed to transform communities and our philanthropy into powerhouses of environmental health and justice progress over the next decade.

Fresno, California, is a rural/urban region with serious environmental, health, and social stresses, but rich in resourceful organizing. The annual meeting will showcase dynamic community collaboration in the San Joaquin Valley and elsewhere, as well as policy innovations in a state that’s a national laboratory of change. The program will explore transformations in philanthropic practices that can fuel transformative action, across concerns with climate, energy, water, air, toxics, food, farming, transportation, housing, land use, immigration, rural/urban organizing, and civic engagement.

HEFN members are invited to bring a field partner as their guest, an opportunity that will enrich learning, build relationships, and expand collaboration opportunities for all annual meeting attendees.

We’ll share what we’ve learned in the last two decades and strategize for the next one, drawing together a diversity of funder and field partner perspectives. HEFN invites funders to celebrate much good that has come -- and more good to be done -- through collaboration for health, the environment, and justice.

Did you know? While in town for the HEFN Annual Meeting, consider planning your trip to take advantage of Fresno's close proximity to three major National Parks -- Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon

Read more and register today. Questions? Email cglass@hefn.org.

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