Assessing, Addressing & Progressing: Philanthropy Improves Community Environments and Health for All

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This is a HEFN resource.
Publication Date: 
March, 2013
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Issue Area: 
Children’s Health
Community / Economic Development
Environment (Air, Water, Land)
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A growing number of foundations are investing in efforts to assess and address environmental conditions in local communities. 

This grantmaking is grounded in evidence linking common hazards to health problems, such as research on air pollution and asthma, lead paint and neurodevelopmental deficits, contaminated water and cancers, and pesticides and Parkinson’s.

Philanthropy’s investments are making neighborhoods healthier places to live, testing approaches along the way that may help future grantmaking.

This issue brief provides a short introduction for funders interested in grantmaking to improve health conditions and outcomes in their communities through assessing and addressing environmental hazards.