Drilling Deeper: Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing and Related Grantmaking Strategies (Full Report)

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This is a HEFN resource.
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September, 2012
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Climate Change / Energy
Environmental & Social Justice
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The swift expansion of fracking and its health, environmental and community impacts have demonstrated just how complex this issue is. Fortunately, grantmakers are uniquely suited to help shed light on these complexities and to support better informed policy, practices and public opinion.

In response to growing funder interest, HEFN published a new report: Drilling Deeper: Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing and Related Grantmaking Strategies. Authored by Michael Passoff, a consultant to foundations and non-profits, the report provides funders with an outline of concerns surrounding fracking methods and presents funding strategies being considered or implemented.

It is a must read for grantmakers across interest areas looking to better understand concerns about fracking and the ways philanthropy can address them.

Michael Passoff, Health and Environmental Funders Network