Foundations Invest in Environmental Health

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Publication Date: 
November, 2016
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Park Foundation
Major Issue: 
Environmental Health Basics
Issue Area: 
Children’s Health
Environment (Air, Water, Land)
Environmental & Social Justice
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Health Affairs GrantWatch Article

This article provides a summary of foundation investments aimed at improving health and equity outcomes by improving environmental conditions.  From the abstract: 

"Nearly one in four deaths globally are due to environmental hazards such as air and water pollution, according to the World Health Organization.  However, knowledge about how the environment affects health and health equity outcomes has not been well-integrated into decisions that shape the conditions in which people live, work, and play.  To address this challenge, US foundations have invested millions of dollars to make it easier to incorporate environmental health information into decisions ranging from family purchases and governmental policy making to business, medical, and other professional practices."

This paper was co-authored by HEFN's directors and two funder members of its Steering Committee, and was published in the November 2016 issue of Health Affairs, the leading peer-reviewed journal of health policy thought and research. The journal reaches a broad audience that includes: government and health industry leaders; health care advocates; scholars of health, health care and health policy; and others concerned with health and health care issues in the United States and worldwide.