Health + Equity: Find Solutions Upstream

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March, 2012
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Health Disparities / Social Determinants of Health
Environmental & Social Justice
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This essay on environmental health and justice grantmaking as a way of “Finding Solutions Upstream,” is co-authored by Marni Rosen of the Jenifer Altman Foundation and Kathy Sessions of HEFN. It was among a series of commentaries published by Grantmakers In Health (GIH) for its 2012 Annual Meeting on "Health and Equity for All."

Health advocates and funders are often torn between meeting immediate and critical needs of communities, and focusing attention upstream on root causes of problems. The authors outline evidence that many health and equity problems can be intercepted upstream before causing health issues, and share examples of collaboration efforts across areas of focus that have addressed conditions leading to poor health outcomes.

, Marni Rosen, The Jenifer Altman Foundation