The Value of Environmental Health Services: Exploring the Evidence

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April, 2016
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Environmental Health Basics
The Value of Environmental Health Services

This report sheds light on the economic value on the very environmental health services that prevent disease and create healthy, supportive environments.  Created by members of the National Environmental Health Partnership Council, the report provides an overview of literature on the methods for economic evaluation of environmental health interventions.  The literature review included 79 peer-reviewed articles as well as 39 reports in grey literature.

The report highlights studies documenting the economic value of environmental health interventions, as well as noting challenges in measuring benefits of these interventions.

Environmental public health program areas that were explored: (1) food safety; (2) water quality; (3) lead exposures; (4) mercury exposures; (5 ) climate change; (6) housing; and (7) special populations including children and environmental justice communities. Also available through APHA are a related fact sheet and webinar.

National Environmental Health Partnership Council