Cynthia Renfro

HEFN Position: 
Steering Committee Member

Cynthis is the Senior Program Consultant, Climate & Environment Program. Pronouns: she, her, hers. Cynthia is the principal and CEO at Civis Consulting LLC, a consulting firm launched in 2012 to support philanthropic institutions and community-based organizations in developing and implementing strategic and intentional programs. Cynthia served as a consultant on LGF's LGBTQ Program Expansion project in 2016-2017 and managed LGF's LGBTQ Program from 2018 to 2020. Cynthia previously worked at the Marguerite Casey Foundation, the Beldon Fund, and the Turner Foundation in Atlanta. Cynthia serves on the board of directors of the Public Citizen Foundation and Funders for LGBTQ Issues and has joined the Advisory Committee for Front and Centered. She previously served on the boards of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, the National Network of Grantmakers, the Environmental Leadership Program, and the Neighborhood Funders Group, as well as on the Capital Campaign Advisory Committee at the Highlander Research & Education Center. Cynthia is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, and went on to become a Rackham Merit Fellow Ph.D student of American History at the University of Michigan. Cynthia loves to read sci fi, binge watch netflix with her partner, and sail in Puget Sound. But she is currently most excited about playing a role with some of the best social justice philanthropy in the South.

Primary Organizational Affiliation: 
Laughing Gull
Secondary Organization Affiliation: 
Civis Consulting
My Grantmaking Focus Is On: 

Climate and Energy issues in the Southeastern US, with a priority on organizing, advocacy and land retention for BIPOC communities. Our geography includes NC, SC, VA, GA and LA.

What Drew Me Into HEFN Leadership: 

 The ongoing commitment to racial justice, diversity and inclusion. Environmental grantmaking spaces can be pretty homogenous. HEFN has always been welcoming and inclusive for everyone, and I really value that. These values are reflected in the annual meeting spaces with the workshop content and participation of directly impacted frontline communities.

I See the HEFN Community Making a Difference: 

I really appreciate how the HEFN community never loses sight of people inside the fight to save the planet. I feel like protecting or rehabilitating wild spaces isn't going to work if we aren't helping people sort out environmental issues where they live and as their bodes are impacted. HEFN is the place to connect with other folks doing that work.

When I'm Not at Work You Might Find Me: 

On Lake Washington in my kayak, or al fresco dining around Seattle with my partner. 

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