Demographics via Candid

In the past few years, there has been a heightened interest in nonprofit demographic data – to gain visibility on matters of equity, uplift the work of BIPOC-led organizations, and increase investment in groups that reflect the communities they serve. The result? Nonprofits are asked to collect, organize, and provide demographic data over and over again in different formats, creating a time-consuming burden, particularly on those already under-resourced.


To help address this issue, HEFN is participating in Demographics via Candid, a campaign to promote greater transparency in the field and expand our collective knowledge base. This campaign provides foundations with a better picture of their grantees’ demographic data, while allowing the nonprofits to share it one time (Data1x) through the Candid profile on GuideStar where funders, researchers, and other stakeholders can easily access it. The result is increased efficiency and a reduced volume of requests on nonprofits, so they can focus more fully on what’s important: their missions.


For more information on how to participate in Demographics via Candid, please visit


Benefits of participating in Demographics via Candid:

Get quick access to more in-depth data while asking nonprofits to share their information just one time.

Access the latest DEI data for free.

Receive bi-yearly baselines of your grantees’ DEI data for free.

Reduce “paperwork” and administrative burdens for your foundation and the organizations seeking grants.


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