Introducing HEFN Happenings Newsletter+ 2023 Annual Meeting Reflections

July 13, 2023
Ansje Miller

Dear HEFN Community,

We have just recently released our first edition of our refreshed HEFN newsletter, "HEFN Happenings." I hope that you will find the newsletter useful as we share the exciting developments that are unfolding at HEFN in 2023. This year has been marked by growth, progress, and renewed dedication to our mission, and I can't wait to fill you in on what's been happening and what lies ahead.

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for the incredible energy and enthusiasm that filled the air during our first in-person annual meeting in over three and a half years. The conversations, connections, and collaborative spirit in New Orleans left a lasting impact on all of us. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the planning committee, speakers, staff, and everyone who contributed to making the event a resounding success. Together, we engaged in innovative, fearless, and inspiring discussions that have set the stage for even greater achievements.

Stay tuned to your inbox and follow us on social media for more insights and inspiration from the meeting and updates on how we plan to advance collaboration on important issues such as:

How can strategic dialogue between market-based campaigns and fenceline EJ leaders accelerate the movement for a healthier world? 

How are communities across the country fighting back against oil and gas expansion and what does that have to do with transition minerals?

What does healing justice mean for environmental health philanthropy? 

How can environmental health and justice philanthropy collaborate to ensure that the unprecedented federal funds flowing into communities are deployed and leveraged to support the goals we’ve all been working towards?

What are true solutions and false solutions and how can we effectively communicate the difference?

How and why are farmers and fishers organizing against toxic chemical manufacturing?

These are just some of the questions raised at that annual meeting that we can’t wait to dive into with you. 

To shed further light on the urgency of the issues we tackle, I encourage you to read my op-ed in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, where I explore how philanthropy can effectively halt chemical accidents. The recent disaster in East Palestine serves as a stark reminder of how our communities are connected across the petrochemical lifecycle - from the manufacturing of PVC in Cancer Alley to the derailment in the Ohio River Valley - and the importance of our collective action to protect all of us across that lifecycle. I welcome your thoughts on this pressing issue and encourage you to share the op-ed widely to help any funders sitting on the sidelines see their way into investing in this area.

On a bittersweet note, we bid farewell to esteemed members of our steering committee, Kat Gilje, Jake Mogan, and Roger Perez. Your dedication and invaluable contributions have shaped HEFN's trajectory in meaningful ways. Simultaneously, I extend a warm welcome to our new steering committee members, Ann Blake, Melanie Moore, Cynthia Renfro, Ryan Strode, and Trevor Thompson. I am excited to collaborate with you as we chart a course toward even greater impact.

I invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us, to stay connected, and to actively engage in the discussions and initiatives that lie ahead. Your ideas, thoughts, and support are instrumental in shaping the future of HEFN.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Ansje Miller

Executive Director, HEFN

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