Catalyzing Change: A Funder Guide on Protecting People and the Environment from Toxic Chemicals

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This is a HEFN resource.
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January, 2014
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Green Chemistry / Safer Alternatives

In just over a century, thousands of chemicals have been released into the environment and into human bodies.  Most are untested for safety, and regulation is weak.  

Chemicals have improved many aspects of life, yet the rapid spread of synthetic chemicals and materials throughout society also has triggered serious concerns.  Decades of research have demonstrated that both naturally occurring and human-made chemicals can have devastating impacts on health and healthy development.

To help protect people and the environment, philanthropy is catalyzing many efforts to reduce toxic threats and shift society towards safer alternatives. 

For funders new to environmental health, this issue brief offers an introduction to basic concerns about chemicals and health, as well as with an overview of related funding strategies.

, Michael Passoff, Health and Environmental Funders Network