Nicole Goswami

HEFN Position: 
Executive Assistant
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Throughout my career as the Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications at Pine Cobble School, Physician Liaison for Southwestern Vermont Medical Center and as Head Coach for the Bennington Marauders Swim Club, I have acquired a diverse skillset and body of knowledge that aligns with a wide variety of jobs not limited to marketing, recruiting, liaison work, executive assistant support and sales. Most recently as the Director of Marketing, Admissions and Communications, I have developed a marketing plan for the school and instituted new ways to market and advertise to not only increase awareness of the school but enrollment as well.

I bring a new perspective and energy to promote the company I am working for through my many different experiences. My experience and personality enables me to develop, foster and nurture relationships on both a personal and professional level, as well as help individuals be more confident, responsible and compassionate. I am looking for a fit that allows me to put my values and skills into practice. I value environments that focus on relationships, self-worth, diversity and respect.

What Inspires Me Most About Environmental Health and Justice: 

I am inspired by my beliefs and my desire to protect our environment and those of HEFN that helps everyone live in and enjoy a beautiful and clean environment. 

Why I Love My Job: 

I love my coworkers and the energy we all bring to the work we do!

When I'm Not at Work You Might Find Me: 

When I'm not at work you might Find me With my kids, my husband, at the pool or on the soccer sidelines. 

Contact Me When: 

Contact me anytime!

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