Jake Mogan

HEFN Position: 
Steering Committee Member

Jake is the Energy Program Manager at The 11th Hour Project, where he works to reduce the public health and ecological impacts of antiquated energy systems in the US. He holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master of Social Work degree from Boston College.

Prior to joining the 11th Hour Project, Jake contributed to the development of a faith-based health initiative at the Boston Public Health Commission and supported community outreach for an oncology program at the Cambridge Health Alliance.

My Grantmaking Focus Is On: 

Directing resources to the campaigners, researchers, and attorneys resisting new fossil fuel infrastructure, and ensuring a swift and just transition to an energy future that prioritizes health, access, and resilience. 

What Drew Me Into HEFN Leadership: 

The Past Petro Working Group has been an incredibly helpful community for me to connect with colleagues, learn about new trends and opportunities, and identify gaps in the field. While my specific focus is on the intersection of health, climate, and fossil fuels, I am excited to join HEFN leadership to help ensure its broader membership can similarly benefit from this type of funder collaboration and solidarity for their own areas of focus.

I See the HEFN Community Making a Difference: 

In holding up the inextricable link between environmental health and justice, never hesitating to dive head first into issues that haven't yet hit mainstream philanthropy, and focusing on some of the most pressing and complex problems while still managing to foster a fun and welcoming community.

When I'm Not at Work You Might Find Me: 

Struggling to ride my bike up one of the many steep Bay Area hills to enjoy the descent on the other side, or in the kitchen teaming up with my wife on a new recipe.

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