Laura Fernandez

Laura Fernandez Picture
HEFN Position: 
Steering Committee Member

Laura is a socio-environmentalist and philanthropy professional with over eight years of non-profit sector experience in community advocacy, research and communications around climate and sustainability. She is a proud Latina, and her passion for social driven change and addressing environment issues has led her to work in community based grantmaking. In her current role as Program Officer, she manages various funding processes through strategic thinking, planning, decision making, and execution. She holds two bachelor's degrees in Geography and International Relations and did her graduate studies in international development and sustainability.

Primary Organizational Affiliation: 
Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
My Grantmaking Focus Is On: 

People centered philanthropy for water protection, community stewardship, and environmental justice.

What Drew Me Into HEFN Leadership: 

HEFN's shared efforts and vision for a just transition in philanthropy and intersectional work between environmental issues and community health and justice. The talented group of people involved are inspiring, and the good memories of the in person annual meeting I once attended in Oakland. The space of constant learning, capacity building, and collaboration help amplify solutions, and I want to be a part of that.



I See the HEFN Community Making a Difference: 

By identifying gaps in grantmaking and making the case for the intrinsic connection between environmental racism and the need for a participatory approach in supporting communities and organizations demanding justice and driving change.



When I'm Not at Work You Might Find Me: 

Traveling in search of outdoor healing, spending time with my comunidad and familia, playing soccer and trying craft beers in the East Bay, and listening to podcasts.


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